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Deborra Clayton, CMT

Excellence In Your Massage Practice
The physical stress of massage work often causes pain in the back, wrists, shoulders or hands. This discomfort reduces the quality of our work, impacting client satisfaction and our own well-being.

The sources of this discomfort are the harmful habits of posture and movement, positioning and placement that we develop over time. Maintaining excellence in our massage practice means countering these habits by exploring new and sustainable body mechanics.

But we can't do this alone.

Massage Coaching
Athletes, performers and others whose work is physically-oriented use qualified coaches to analyze and refine the use of their bodies. This offer has been absent in the massage community.

To fill this void, Deborra Clayton, CMT, has blended twenty-five years of bodywork experience, extensive training in somatic coaching and a decade of teaching massage therapy into a radically new approach to massage excellence -- Massage Coaching.